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Where do I start?

We understand that ordering a memorial headstone is not something people do all the time, so our aim is to make the process easy and stress free for you.

Please take a look at the process below, so you know what to expect.

Can I build any size headstone?

There are usually bylaws around what size headstone you can install in each cemetery. Our staff will advise you on what you can and can't have and we'll handle any council permits and paperwork that are required. Members of the public are generally not permitted to install a memorial in a public cemetery.

Do I need to apply for a council bylaw?

We will apply to the council on your behalf for the cemetery and area where the headstone is to be installed, some cemeteries have restriction on headstone and plaque sizes and sometimes even designs.
In most public and private cemetries and Urapa, as long as we adhere to the the size requirements, we are usually able to install any headstone design you like.

Can we install the headstone ourselves?

Most public cemeteries require you to be a qualified, approved contractor to work in council cemeteries, so families are generally not allowed to install in a public cemetery. We also work extensively in private cemeteries and urupa, families are often able to do their own installations at these locations. We can give advise on the best way to install when required.

How long will the headstone take to make?

The timeframe for a standard headstone is 3 - 4 weeks from when the draft layout is signed until the headstone is ready for installation.
Please note that custom memorial headstones will take longer to produce — up to 10 weeks and sometimes slightly longer so please keep this in mind when planning your unveiling.

Do you ship to the
Pacific islands?

Yes! We ship to the Pacific Islands; Samoa, Tonga and Fiji. We will help arrange the shipping insurance and work with you to ensure that the memorial arrives safely.

Can you ship a headstone anywhere in the world?

Yes, we can ship anywhere that we are required to. We take care of the crating, arrange the shipping and all freight forwarding paperwork. We usually freight to all the Pacific Island regions, as well as Australia and Norfolk Island.

Can I change the design once I see a draft?

Yes. Our graphic artists will design a draft layout of what the headstone will look like with your inscription.
Obviously, this is only a draft and making changes is a common and expected part of the process.

What colours can I have?

Our website has a range of colour options for you to choose from, please view the granite colours icon to see what is available.

Can I have a photo on the memorial?

Yes! A ceramic photograph or a graphic image tells a story of your family member and is a lovely way to remember them by. Modern photo techniques ensure the photo will never fade.
We can do almost any graphic work that you may want.

Can someone help me with the design and layout?

Yes, we are experienced in the best way to layout the text, what graphics would complement the wording, which fonts are most suited and any other questions you may have. 

Can someone help me with the inscription?

Yes, our experienced team are adept at helping out with wording for the headstone.
If you are having trouble with the inscription, call us, or come into one of our offices and discuss options with us face-to-face. 

Can I add to the inscription at a later date?

Yes. Additional details can be added at a later date.
Think about the future. Is the headstone for just the one person – or will there be additional details to be added at a later date.

Verses, Poems – can we have these on the headstone?

There are no hard and fast rules about what must be on a memorial, just whatever you are comfortable with, as long as it isn't offensive. Most inscriptions follow along the same lines but there is no reason why you cannot put something unique and personal that is specific to your loved one.

What fonts can we use – is there a list?

Our graphics team have a huge range of fonts on file. If you would like a specific font, please let us know and we will do our very best to get you what you choose.

Do you sell accessories – vases, ceramic cheribs, roses, planters?

We have vases in stock and can source a wide range of ornaments, ceramic flowers and other memorabilia. Please ask our sales staff what you are looking for and we will do our best to locate it for you.

Can we install it ourselves?

Yes, if it is allowed by council regulations.
Be aware that most public, council-run cemeteries do not allow anyone but a qualified monumental mason to install a headstone for Health and Safety reasons.
We can provide advice & a guide to installing a headstone if you are installing yourselves.

Does your cost include the lettering and graphics inserted on the headstone?

The price of a headstone includes a standard sized inscription and often a simple graphic or two. If we have to draw specific graphic or family design this could incur charge, depending on how much time is spent on creating a usable image.

How do I clean a headstone?

Generally, warm soapy water and a good cloth will clean up a headstone quite well, followed by a rinse off with clean water. Soft pumice also does a good job if a memorial is quite dirty but please give us a call before starting this process so we can explain the best way to go about it.

Can I put a verse on the base too?

Yes, you can have a verse or phrase inscribed on the headstone or the base.

How much does a headstone cost – go into the costs involved, size, shape, colour of stone, added costs of

The cost of any memorial depends on the size, shape, design and sometimes the colour of the stone being used. A carved memorial costs a bit more than a standard type design. Travel to install may also affect the price of a finished memorial. We can supply prices for any of the headstones we have in stock and are always happy to provide a price for a custom made headstone designed to your specifications.

What’s the life expectancy of a headstone?

A headstone should last for many, many years. The lettering will likely need to be refurbished after a period of time but the headstone itself should never need to be replaced.

What are your payment terms? Deposit, paid for in full on pick-up, paid before installation?

We ask for a deposit of 50% for all orders, with the balance due when the stone is either ready to be picked up by family members or it has been installed. Some families choose to pay off their memorial in full before it is installed.

Can I pay a headstone off? – Do you have finance arrangements?

We don't really have finance arrangements, however, if the deposit is paid we will consider a payment plan with a time frame of 3 months to have the balance paid at no interest. This does need to be discussed at the point of sale.

Restoration – do you restore headstones that have weathered?

Most headstones can be refurbished and tidied up. Often we will need to remove them from the cemetery and make sure they are completely dry before repainting the inscription. We will also refurbish an existing headstone not made by oursleves, but therefore we cannot offer a guarantee on refurbishment work.

Quote – do you give them a price before they start? Can they add extras on later

We will give you a quotation on the memorial you choose at the time of inquiry. These quotations are valid for 30 days, although we often will honor a quote outside of this time as we realise that families need to get together to discuss what they require and this can take a bit of time.

Guarantee and warranty policy

We offer a 10 year guarantee on all stone and workmanship. This guarantee does not apply to the painted inscriptions on flat lawn plaques or any refurbishment work.

Do you do pet memorials?

We do any type of memorials, pets included. 

What do you need from the customer?

Once you have chosen the type of headstone you want, we will need the inscription details. Our staff can help you along with this. You just need to correct spelling of all the names, the dates of birth and death, any verses and graphics you want on the headstone and the photograph you would like. Our staff will help you build the inscription around the details you have supplied and then you will receive a draft layout of what the headstone will look like. Families can make changes to the draft and once they are happy with everything, we will get the headstone under way.

Can we sit down and talk to someone about the headstone?

Yes, come and see us in one of our showrooms. We have 4 locations, Hamilton, Cambridge, Tokoroa and Rotorua. Please feel free to call in at any of our branches and discuss what is involved in getting a headstone produced.

Do you need proof that the grave plot has been paid for?

Often a Statutory Declaration is required when we apply for the memorial permit. This is filled out by the person ordering the stone and just states that you have permission to represent the family in the memorialisation process. We can help you through this.

Have another question?

Just ask us and we'll get right back to you.

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